Volaverse: Creator's Incentivization Model

October 11, 2022

“Creator”, is a word even used to describe God. For any platform, Creators have always been the soul of the project, because they pour life into the platform. Without creators there would be no content for the users to consume and hence no User Engagement. Although, this has been the case since the beginning of the Web2 era, yet, the entrepreneurs have always focused on incentivising the consumers first and the term “Creator’s Economy” has just started making rounds in recent times.

With the beginning of the era of Web3 and decentralization kicking in, focus on Creator’s Economy has justifiably increased. When we talk about pillars of “Volaverse: The Education Metaverse”, Creator is definitely one of them. Without Creators, Volaverse can never succeed in its mission. Here we are going to discuss how onboarding and incentivisation for Creators is going to take place in Volaverse.

Favorable and unique propositions are needed to onboard creators. Creators need to see the value in the platform for their and the ecosystem’s growth. If you are a creator or even a learner in Web3.0 space and want to spread your knowledge, do go through the following models and get onboarded with Volaverse to make an early stride in this Oh so exciting space of Metaverse.

Onbaording Creators:

1. DAO Fund for Creators:
A separate fund for Creators will be maintained with the DAO which will be used for the following:
- Grants: Applications for grants by Creators will be invited by the DAO and based on the profile of the Creators and the value proposition, grants will be allocated to the creators for Land acquisition and course building.

2. Demo Lands:
If a creator wants to test the foot fall or wants to demonstrate their skill. Some Plots for Demo courses will be owned by the DAO for such creators.Here creators will be able to run a full course without having to pay for the land or the building. However, The Revenue generated from these courses will come to DAO.

3. Packages:
Onboarding packages will be formed for all the creators consisting of the following:
- Announcement: New Course announcement spots in the Volocator and other common points will be provided.
- Community Call: A Twitter space or a Discord/Telegram community call will be arranged with all the Creators to introduce them to the community.
- Tech Assistance: Based on the portfolio and the decision of the DAO tech assistance with constructing the building and integrating the course content and building the course will be provided by in-house experts

Incentivization Plan:

Following are the Incentivisation and Revenue streams for the creators on Volaverse:
1. Content Monetization:
The creators will be able to sell their courses on Volaverse as per following:
- Organic reach: If a user reaches a course organically the entire amount of the course fees will go to the creator.
- Recommendation: If a user reaches a course via the search/recommendation of the platform’s engine, a part of the fees will go to the DAO.
2. DAO Rewards:
The DAO will reward the top 3 creators every month based on the ratings and Paid Minutes in that month.
3. NFTs:
- The Creators will get In-game points based on the viewership (Free content and paid content) and ratings on their courses.
- Based on milestones set, the creators will get level-up badge NFTs. And the points they earn in the game will have different multipliers based on the level the creator is at.

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