Volaverse: The Education Metaverse

August 29, 2022

Since October’2021, when Facebook changed its name to ‘Meta’, a new term has been taking rounds in the market, ‘METAVERSE’. But what is a Metaverse? Is it a game? Is it another social media platform? Or is it just a new gimmick in fad? Well, why don’t we begin to explaining what Metaverse is and leave the decision to the readers to decide what actually is a Metaverse.

Metaverse, to define in a single sentence, is a “Virtual 3D World” located on the internet. It allows users to meet, socialise, play, work and study in a virtually shared 3D world. A small trivia here: Are games like ‘Vice City’, ‘San Andreas’ truly a Metaverse? Well the answer is Yes and No.

Although these games do have a virtual space designed for us to explore through gamification but yet they don’t support a shared infrastructure for any two users simultaneously. A true metaverse let’s any two users share a virtual space and experience it in ways that is unique to every user. Developers have further pushed the boundaries of what a Metaverse is, through hosting events and creating virtual economies exclusive for Metaverse.

Although not necessary, but, integrating Blockchain with Metaverse can be a great fit. They allow for creating a digital economy with different types of utility tokens and virtual collectibles (NFTs). The metaverse would also benefit from the use of crypto wallets, such as MetaMask. Also, blockchain technology can provide transparent and reliable governance systems, coz afterall we have no choice left but to build a Virtual world to run away from physical world.
Decentraland, Somnium Space, Sandbox, Axie Infinity etc. are some of the examples of Metaverses. There is a new Metaverse knocking the doors of the space: VOLAVERSE: THE EDUCATION METAVERSE

Volaverse is a community driven education metaverse built on the blockchain. In Volaverse, users can own digital estates and other assets, socialize, learn and teach about Blockchain, Web3.0 and Metaverse. It provides an infrastructure to support a shared virtual world. It consists of a decentralized ledger for content consumed and created and land ownership to run courses, and a peer-to-peer network for user interactions.


1. Consumers: Their role is to explore courses in Volaverse in accordance with their interests and skills. They also act as critics for the course they undertake and provide feedback on the course and instructor to make it easier for others to decide

2. Creators: They buy/rent space in Volaverse to take up classes based on their expertise. They also rate/grade their students which adds to the student’s profilelympiads by preparing chapter-by-chapter. All Olympiad participants have found the monthly online examinations to be quite beneficial.


Volaverse: First of its kind 3D immersive learning platform for Web3.0 enthusiasts.

Volabuild: In-house builder tool to build on land. Features different objects for décor and utility in classroom.

Volastore: Marketplace for users to trade digital land NFTs of Volaverse. Features other NFTs like avatar wearables, décor items etc.


The team building Volaverse is group of highly enthusuastic and curious people who want to learn more about the Web3.0 and blockchain space and help others get to know the space better too.

The team of ‘Founding Members’ consist of two: Ujjwal Singla and Swati Goyal. Both of them together bring a cummulative of 10+ experience in fields like Edtech, Marketing, Planning and Project Management.

The advisory panel have the Gurus of Education and Crypto world: Deepak Goyal (Chief-Educator YSchool) and Litesh Gumber (CEO, Cryptic Entertainments). Then there is a Design team and Tech team working together to bring out a Metaverse for all the enthusiasts around the Globe.

Future Plans

Right now the team of Volaverse is focussing on building a beta version and launching it on the test net for the users to test it and so we can build better on the feedback.Apart from that since we are talking about the Web3 space, how can we leave community out of the picture?

We are focussing on building a community of like minded people. All the readers do follow us on Twitter for more updates around the project.We will have associations with educators in the space for parternship to build valuable courses for the curious people who want to know more about the space.


Volaverse is build on lisk using the Lisk SDK all the trasactions on Volaverse will be decentralised and take place. Being nurtured under the Lisk Grant Program, team at Volaverse is sure to excel and move swiftly towards the team holds.

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