Volaverse: MVP Launch

December 06, 2022


'Volaverse: The Education Metaverse’
is a community driven Education Metaverse built on blockchain. In Volaverse, users can:
1. Trade assets like digital estates (land spacesin the metaverse), Wearables, other collectibles.
2. Learn and Teach about Blockchain, Web3.0 and Metaverse concepts.
3. Build skill profile with certificate NFTs for the authenticity of the courses undertaken by the learners.S
4. Socialise with other people in a 3D immersive environment.


The MVP consists of 2 parts:
1. Volaverse : This is the sample Metaverse. Currently it consists of Sample lands of 16x16 sq. meters area and “Volocator”, which is the central lobby where the journey of every user will start from.
2. Volastore : This is in-house marketplace where the user can buy assets like Digital lands, wearables, collectibles etc.
The MVP showcases the digital estate buy/sell functionscarried out on the Lisk Blockchain dev net.


Volaverse uses Lisk blockchain to store all the NFT data and user data. Lisk blockchain is built on the top of Node JS. All the transactions for selling, buying, minting and transferring are done on the blockchain itself. The blockchain application has various endpoints which are used by the frontend (Both the MVP and the Marketplace) to interact with blockchain.

MVP - MVP is developed on unity game engine. Users can login with lisk credentials after choosing a username and filling up the basic details. Users can also create a new account or login as a guest. After login the user is transported to “Volocator” where they can see the information about the courses running in Volocator. Users can also transport to the land which are associated with the land NFTs and can also checkout the details of various land NFTs.
Marketplace - Marketplace is built using React. Here, the user can either login using their existing credentials or create new credentials. After logging in, the user can see the lands NFTs present in the marketplace and can buy the ones which are available for sale. User can also get faucet funds from the marketplace itself as it is on the dev net right now.

The development on lisk SDK is different from the one on EVM blockchains. Our experience has been great working on Lisk as it provides a more in depth understanding of how a blockchain works. The documentation available is very detailed and code from the Github repository was a great support in understanding the concepts. The Lisk Discord community is very prompt in resolving any queries relatedto development too.


We have the following development roadmap in the pipeline:
1.  Launching first course on Basics of Blockchainin the Metaverse
2. Making builder tool for the classrooms andcourses for the creators
3. Introducing the Avatar gameplay in the MVP
4. Introducing a talk series in Volaverse itself.

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